Devil's Peak Black Beauty Mixed 6 Pack | 6 x 330ml NRBs | 6% ALC/VOL

Devil's Peak Black Beauty Mixed 6 Pack | 6 x 330ml NRBs | 6% ALC/VOL

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6 x 330ml | 6% Alc. Vol. 

2 x Black Beauty No. 1 
2 x Black Beauty No.2 
2 x Black Beauty No. 3 

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The funk is back with a bang! We are proud to launch our 3 variations of our barrel-aged dark sours that make up the Black Beauty Afrofunk Series. 

Loosely classified as barrel-aged dark sour beer, this style of beer is a first of their kind from Devil’s Peak and most probably will be the first for many South African beer lovers. The style of beer has been popularized by Jolly Pumpkin's Madrugada Obscura, The Bruery’s Tart of Darkness along with a plethora of other international craft breweries who have tried their hand at this style, naturally we did too. Traditionally the base beer for dark ales (stouts and Porters) is heavily dominated by roasted malt characters however don’t be fooled by the colour of our Black Beauty series. The focus here was to accentuate the acidity and the natural fruits employed to allow them to express their vibrancy and freshness while adding complexity.   The addition of fresh fruit to these beers intensifies the sour element of each while lending a unique flavour profile. 

Black Beauty No. 1 - Barrel-Aged Dark Sour, with Black Currants & Blackberries 

Tart and refreshing with a fruity flavour and certainly the forerunner of the three in terms of acidity. Dominated by the blackberries and black currant backed up by a voluptuous creamy stout-like mouthfeel. 

Black Beauty No.2 - Barrel-Aged Dark Sour, with Figs

Being less tart than its siblings and presents some stout-like in characters, No. 2 poses some nuanced wood-aged appeal. The fig flavour is upfront and lends complexity, freshness and vibrancy to the beer. 

Black BeautyNo. 3 Barrel-Aged Dark Sour, with Raspberries

With a prominent raspberry character and notably the middle child in terms of acidity, No. 3 comes forth as elegant on the pallet with mild roasted flavours and a robust raspberry finish that lingers on the palate.

The Process: 

Originating from the same base beer and brewed in a way as to limit the ever characteristic roasted/caramel stout-like features, the beer was initially aged in 21-year-old French oak foudres (large format barrels) previously occupied by brandy. After maturing and developing their acidity for 2,5 years, aided by very specific bacteria, the base beers were transferred to smaller format barrels with the addition of 20% of the respective fruits and matured for a further 8 months to allow the fruits to extract and express themselves.

The Devil's Peak Black Beauty Mixed 6 Pack | 6 x 330ml NRBs | 6% ALC/VOL is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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